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Share your VCards

Share Your Business Information with your prospects directly via SMS, Email or any other ways.

Scan QR Code

By scanning Your QR Code, your client can see your details and also then can share your QR Code to others.

Social Media Links

Your Client can follow you on social media account. You can also inc areas your bussiness by sharing your social link.

Various Range of Templates

You Can select various templates for your VCards and share to your clients.

Products and Services

List your products and services on the ROYAL CARD and gain more customers.

Click On Call

Your client can reach you by just tap on phone number and contact you for any query.

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Contactless digital business cards

ROYAL CARD helps easily overcome any new sanitary friction with an ideal contactless experience and grow your professional relationships with its viral features. No physical contact is required to send or receive a virtual business card.

Share your card with anyone

Easily share your digital business card with anyone using a ROYAL CARD or send it through email, a link, and more. You can download your digital business card and print on anything like flyers, newsletters, or a billboard.


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